INMARTECH 2023 Symposium Presentations

Presentations and final documents from the 2023 INMARTECH meeting on June 20-22, 2023 at the Unidad de Technologica Marina (UTM) in Barcelona, Spain.

Meeting Agenda & Attendance:


Tuesday 20th June 2023

Wednesday 21st June 2023

Thursday 22nd June 2023


  1. Science capabilities of Vessels operated by WHOI (S.Fuller) WHOI.USA
  2. ADCP Troubleshooting Operation (A. Heather) WHOI.USA
  3. Ruggedized Demersal Trawl Net Mounted SBE19 Plus V2 CTD System (H.Engel). DFFE. SOUTH AFRICA
  4. Compact Winch Handling System. (T.Ringstadt). ENTEC. NORWAY
  5. A tale of two ships. (M. Worship). DFFE. SOUTH AFRICA
  6. UTM-CSIC Data Service CDI Generator (E.Martínez) UTM-CSIC. SPAIN
  7. Lander Deployment System (D. Huijsman) NIOZ. NETHERLANDS
  8. 3D-T: Half a cubic hectometer mooring array of 3000 temperature sensors in the deep sea (R.Bakker) NIOZ. NL
  9. The UNOLS Community (A. Doyle) UNOLS. USA
  10. Development of a Low-Cost Deep-Sea Advanced High Autonomy Time-Lapse Camera. (JM Rodríguez) IEO-CSIC. SPAIN
  11. Continuous GNSS logging for future science research with RV ISABU, KIOST in transit (Y. Park, H. Sok Kim), KIOST. REPUBLIC OF KOREA
  12. A Multisampler for mesopelagic nets (A. Castellón) UTM-CSIC. SPAIN
  13. Eurofleets + Joint Research Activities: Equipment innovations for deep sea operations from vessels (A. Castellón) UTM- CSIC. SPAIN
  14. A sensor robot for monitoring multiple units in a marine mesocosm setup (J. Goes) VLIZ. BELGIUM
  15. Applicability of aquavoltaics in an offshore multi-use setting in the Adriatic Sea (N.Vladimir) FBS.CROATIA
  16. Fix and Mobile Platforms for Real Time Data (S.Andrade) ALAKALUF. CHILE
  17. Highlighting the decommissioning of R/V Oceanus, including how used sensors were distributed to the US Academic Research Fleet, and how ship cyber infrastructure is now used for training on land. (S. Richards). OREGON STATE UNIV. USA
  18. Research Vessel Based Hydrophone-Array Applications. (J.Guo) OCEANSONICS. CANADA
  19. ASED – Acoustic Sediment Meter (Y.De Hoo) NIOZ. NETHERLANDS



Kevin Jerram (CCOM-UNH / JHC)

Giuseppe Masetti (CCOM-UNH/JHC & Danish Hydrographic Office)

This workshop with the Multibeam Advisory Committee will demonstrate software tools for assessing multibeam hardware health and performance. The MAC will highlight examples of common challenges experienced in recent Sea Acceptance and Quality Assurance Testing. Technicians are invited to bring questions to the workshop for discussion, provide data examples from recent field programs

up, and share their expertise through the Ocean Mapping Community Wiki


Jules Hummon (Univ. Hawaii- UH Currents Group)

Andrew Frambach (Univ. Hawaii – UH Currents Group)

This tutorial will introduce the open-source shipboard ADCP processing software, “CODAS”, developed at the University of Hawaii. Examples of data processing using VmDAS LTA (STA) and ENR data will be shown, along with editing, calibration, and visualization. Participants are not expected to download any software prior to this tutorial. Documentation for CODAS is here:

WORKSHOP 3: Marine Facilities Planning working group (MFP)

Miguel Angel Ojeda (UTM-CSIC)

This workshop will deal with the use MFP (Marine Facilities Planning) by marine technicians and how this tool could help them with the daily tasks such instrument logistics, personnel logistic and cruise organization.



This workshop will be focused on the Basics of hydrophone: hardware, software and field

development tips. Hydrophone applications. Case studies on deploying hydrophone (arrays) to get best acoustic data from the following development platforms /Research vessels, Buoy, ROV, Glider, AUV, Seabed Mounted lander). SATURN and also a case study on Underwater Noise from vessel, to develop ISO standard on URN